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Uyuni y el sur de Bolivia

el Parque nacional los glaciares

a medida y privado
07-04- glaciares escondidos Luis Franke (5)
El Calafate y Chalten (Patagonia austral) son las entradas a nuestro Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Esta zona es espectacular, salvaje y rodeada paisajes patagónicos prístinos y vírgenes. Leer más ›

Explorar el desierto mas seco del mundo

el desierto de Atacama
atacama desert


Our MICE department
The organization of Conferences and Conventions must be effective and based on a logistics process that reaches the expected result. We believe the service delivered to support the organization of such events must guarantee a unique experience. Argentina Activa is involved in providing the tourism support required for these events through customized service tailored in an exclusive way to the size, characteristics and needs of each Congress or Conference. Leer más ›

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Our MICE department
Our programs can be customized for off sites in Argentina and South America, surrounded by spectacular nature or major cultural sites. We offer creative, custom made itineraries that match the preference and specific profile of each client/group. We fully understand the importance of training and teamwork activities to lead participants towards concrete achievements. Our motivational and educational activities are a critical tool for improving and enhancing teamwork among participants. Leer más ›