Buenos Aires & Surroundings

Buenos Aires, “the city of a thousand faces” brims with culture, history, shopping and entertainment: theaters, cinemas, shows and the possibility of listening to its original music: tango. Beyond the “Great City”, “The Pampas” unfold, one of Argentina’s wealthiest areas, offering the magic of vast extensions of land and distant horizons. This is the land of the “estancias” (cattle ranches) where the myth of the “gaucho” on horseback is still very much alive.

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It takes two to Tango

private lesson and local milonga

Concierge service

in Buenos Aires
restaurant in BA
Where is the trendiest place to go? Which restaurant has the best steak? How to get tickets to a soccer game? How to gain VIP access to art exhibitions? Let our concierge service guide you around the city. Read More »

Art and Culture in Buenos Aires

Insider tips and access
In Buenos Aires, art and culture is everywhere: the sculptures in parks, the Latin American masterpieces in galleries and museums, or the tango melodies that soar out of a cafe's window... But to understand and feel it, there is nothing better than meeting the artisans of this creative world. Read More »

Images of Buenos Aires

Private city tour
Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the Latin American city that most closely resembles the cosmopolitan and aristocratic atmosphere of the big European capitals. But Buenos Aires is also much more than that, combining the multi-colored tin houses of La Boca with the popular tango ambience that thrives on the streets of San Telmo. This is the blend that makes Buenos Aires a unique and irresistible metropolis. Read More »

A day out in the Pampa

Day visit or overnight stay at an Estancia
Have you ever dreamed of horseback riding like a gaucho, having a nice "siesta" under the shade of centennial trees or enjoying an "asado," a typically Argentine barbecue in which cooking meat is an artform? Estancias are big properties, that are either formally working ranches or holiday country homes outside of Buenos Aires and spread everywhere in the country. Read More »