This is the region of the great rivers, the red soil and virgin jungle inhabited by extraordinary tropical flora and fauna. A landscape of exuberant beauty that includes some of the most impressive natural wonders of Argentina: Iguazú National Park and Iguazú Falls, Moconá Waterfalls and the Esteros of Ibera.

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Wildelife Safari and Birdwatching

Esteros del Ibera
caiman in ibera
Esteros del Ibera is a natural environment very similar to the Pantanal in Brasil, and is ideal for wildlife safaris and bird watching or for relaxation and other outdoor activities in warm weather and beautiful rural surroundings. The wetlands are home to a variety of very precious species (deer, alligators, monkeys, capivaras) as well as more than 400 species of birds, and the area is thoroughly dedicated to the preservation of the natural life. Read More »

Highlights of Iguazú falls

Private visit of the National Park
The Iguazú Falls area is one of the world's most extraordinary natural wonders, declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Iguazú in the language of the Guaraní Indian means "Big Water". Indeed it is, and there is plenty to do and enjoy on both the Argentine and the Brazilian sides. Read More »

Nature and relax in the rain forest

Stay at charming jungle lodge near Iguazú
01.01 Exteriores Casa
The Northeast of Argentina is so much more than the Falls. Only 40 minutes away from Iguazú, but far enough from the crowds, we invite you to see the heart of the area and the chance to experience living in the rainforest. Read More »