A traveler´s paradise: gorgeous landscapes, cosmopolitan cities with European flair, lively local culture, tango and Malbec wines. This is Argentina, a diverse and welcoming land of contrasts which will undoubtedly entice visitors of all ages, year round.

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Taste the Finest Wines of Mendoza

Private tour with a specialized guide to the wineries
Of all the wine roads in the world, the one that runs through Mendoza is one of the most engaging. The beauty of its landscapes, the quality and variety of vineyards and the Andes mountains as a permanent backdrop cannot be paralleled. The Malbec grape here reign supreme. Read More »

Art and Culture in Buenos Aires

Insider tips and access
In Buenos Aires, art and culture is everywhere: the sculptures in parks, the Latin American masterpieces in galleries and museums, or the tango melodies that soar out of a cafe's window... But to understand and feel it, there is nothing better than meeting the artisans of this creative world. Read More »

Whale & Penguin watching

Peninsula Valdes and the altantic coast

Images of Buenos Aires

Private city tour
Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the Latin American city that most closely resembles the cosmopolitan and aristocratic atmosphere of the big European capitals. But Buenos Aires is also much more than that, combining the multi-colored tin houses of La Boca with the popular tango ambience that thrives on the streets of San Telmo. This is the blend that makes Buenos Aires a unique and irresistible metropolis. Read More »

From the Desert to the Jungle

4 days trekking in the Northwest
One of Argentina’s most exciting treks, declared “TOP TWENTY” in the world by Outside Adventure Travel Book. Our trip begins in Quebrada de Humahuaca and ends in Calilegua National Park, in the heart of the Jujuy jungle. Both places have been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. Discover this area by walking on a thousand-year-old trail surrounded by an extensive landscape ranging from the semidesert to the jungle, breathtaking mountains and colorful valleys. The trip leads us to live a unique cultural experience, visiting small native settlements that can only be accessed by foot, and getting to know their welcoming inhabitants. Read More »